Jewellery Brands with a difference.


International Jewellery London is one of the biggest UK jewellery events of the year, with many UK jewellery brands and designers unveiling their latest collections’.  My aim at the show is to look for the latest and greatest, watching out for new collections and new designers pushing the boundaries of jewellery design.

Starting at the Kickstart stand which showcases a group of up and coming designers selected by the British Jewellers’ Association and IJL moving to the bright young gems. BYG are selected from final year students at colleges and universities across the UK by a prestigious panel of experts.


Jewellers reimagining curious articles

Rosalie mcmillan and Kate Gillard

ROSALIE MCMILLAN part of the kickstart stand, unique reimagined materials, are made from recycled coffee grounds, combining recycled sterling silver and gold vermeil. Her jewellery is striking, asymmetric and angular; inspired by the properties and form of materials she works with.  Not only is her jewellery beautiful, you also get the feel good factor of donating 10% to the coffee community charity.  Like Rosie, Kate Gilliland finds beauty in the weird and wonderful utilising animal bones and taxidermy to reinvent and immortalise animals into precious materials. Her Jewellery in contrast to Rosalie angular designs is organic and charming, with her latest collection aptly named tiny bones being the object of my desire.


Reimagining Pearls

Pearl reimagined


Ana Thompson, and Cara Tonkin and Conka Cai all showed pearl jewellery with a difference at this years IJL. Ana stating her inspiration as; “ the micro world of nature” had created three contemporary pearl jewellery collections. Encasing the pearl in an organic wirework frame, allowing the pearl to be a big part of the design but not the main feature.

Cara Tonkin latest orbit collection featured pearls as the hero, no prizes for guessing her inspiration! Using the pearls to hold and pivot two rotating bands, creating a fun interactive, yet classic piece of jewellery.  Like Ana Thompson, Conka Cai has drawn inspiration from nature although in a less abstract way, featuring floral and fauna in her pearl collection in a much more evident way than the previous designers.  Her Earring arevnamed “Spreading Love Earrings” as the roses are made from heart shaped petals
represent romance.

Unique gems

Flora bhattchery

Flora Bhattachary rich colour gems look like they are exploding from a golden band at the Kickstarter stand. Her contemporary carved gems are like nothing you have seen before from a UK designer, rich in colour, texture and angular in style. Flora’s designs have a unique style which is prevalent amongst all of her pieces.


This focus on reimagining using unusual materials, is a jewellery designer’s response  to environmental and sustainability issues, using found and waste materials to create a wearable art is a great way to take care of our environment and give back to a customer. I am excited about bringing some of these designers on board the Béo designers team.  For more on trend, designs visit




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